Friday, January 13, 2012

A Simple Salad Bar

My kids love any kind of "bar." Salad bars, burrito bars, taco bars, breakfast bars...they love having lots of choices and putting together their own unique meal! Even if all the choices are good, healthy ones like veggies, nuts, beans, and whole grains, they get excited! We have been doing a salad bar once a week. I pull anything and everything out of the fridge, chop it up, and leave it out all day for the kids to snack on. It takes a little prep time but we usually end up eating it for lunch and dinner, so in some ways it's easier for me.

This salad bar we made recently had:

romaine lettuce

hard boiled eggs

garbanzo beans

sprouted sunflower seeds




red bell pepper

parmesan cheese

homemade dressings


green onion





whole grain crackers


That's just what we had in the house. Add some different kind of beans and guacamole and salsa and it can become a taco bar. Add some whole wheat tortillas for a burrito bar. Add some fresh fruit . Add some baked potatoes for a potato bar- the possibilities are endless. And you will be surprised at what you have on hand!

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JenPB said...

My kids love a buffet of anything, too. A surefire happy-for-everyone dinner is the burrito bar. I put out everything for burritos, a hot pot of beans, and we have at it. Everyone gets JUST what they wanted, JUST the way they wanted it. Easy night for the cook, too. :)